Your Civil War Memory

As of January 2020, this page is no longer actively maintained and online forms are not functional.

Thinking about the memory of the Civil War is very much like thinking about its continually evolving meaning for our society. Today, a century and a half later, the Civil War continues to demonstrate its significance.

Many of us have treasured memories of our encounters with the Civil War, the ways in which it has touched our lives.

What memories do you have?

Do you remember a family vacation that visited a battlefield?

Does your family preserve any Civil War stories or folklore?

Do you have memories of Civil War observances? The 1960s centennial? Celebrating Juneteenth? Seeing Gone With the Wind
for the first time?

We would like to create an archive of contemporary memories of the American Civil War, seeking to ‘measure’ in some sense the continuing interest, fascination, and importance of those events to our nation today.

We invite you to submit Your Civil War Memory.

To do so online, click on the submit button below to get to the submission form and follow the directions there.

To submit by mail, click here to download our form. Print it out, fill it in completely, and mail the form with your submission to:

Center for Civil War Research
Department of History
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677

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